• autonomy

    Autonomy is an “intrinsically human term”: it is precisely due to the use of this concept that “we attribute [machines] with human-like behaviour that they are not likely to possess […]

  • Frankenstein Complex

    “Frankenstein complex” is Isaac Asimov’s concept for describing “the fear that the general public has towards human-made technologies when they invade the realm commonly considered to be God’s domain” (McCauley […]

  • Large Technical System

    The conception of AI as a Large Technical System (LTS) – system artefact, system technology, infrastructural technology (Vannuccini & Prytkova 2020) “The study of AI as LTS uncovers active mechanisms […]

  • sociotechnical blindness

    “Absence of discussion of the role played by programmers and other human actors in creating AI is another problem in current AI discourse that leads to misunderstanding and fear. What […]