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  • Data workers in AI systems

    Data workers in AI systems

    10.11.23 1pm CET Milagros Miceli (Weizenbaum Institute) – (title TBA, on the role of data work and data workers in AI systems) This is part of a regular online seminar […]

  • Emily Bender’s critical analysis of AI discourse

    Puff pieces that fawn over what Silicon Valley techbros have done, with amassed capital and computing power, are not helping us get any closer to solutions to problems created by […]

  • Podcast on language models with Joanna Bryson and Daniel Leufer

    In the past few days, generative Artificial Intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Stability AI have caught great attention. In the first part of the podcast, we discuss to what extent […]

  • TΣ EXTRA: Generative AI user stories

    On August 7, we gather to share various experience of people using generative AI tools for their work, e.g. text-to-text (CHatGPT), text-to-image (DALL-E, Midjourney) etc. NB! It’s a bit earlier this time – 15h CEST.