• Emily Bender’s critical analysis of AI discourse

    Puff pieces that fawn over what Silicon Valley techbros have done, with amassed capital and computing power, are not helping us get any closer to solutions to problems created by […]

  • John Oliver on ChatGPT and other AI apps

    John Oliver on ChatGPT and other AI apps

    Session highlights Recap of the session by Adrian Horton in the Guardian (27 Feb 2023) Recap by Savannah Walsh in Vanity Fair (27 Feb 2023) Yet another recap by Erick […]

  • Model collapse and the semiosphere

    This article explains the idea of ‘model collapse’. According to Nicolas Papernot, “It’s kind of a reinforcing feedback loop where you only listen to the majority and you start forgetting […]

  • Molly White on Web3 and crypto industry

    Molly White is a software engineer, crypto-industry critique, and long-time Wikipedia editor. She runs the website Web3 is Going Just Great which tracks and provides critique on events in cryptocurrency […]

  • Podcast on language models with Joanna Bryson and Daniel Leufer

    In the past few days, generative Artificial Intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Stability AI have caught great attention. In the first part of the podcast, we discuss to what extent […]

  • reading lists

    Curated reading lists on various topics in the fields of critical AI and STS.